Yes, your photos really are that important

1) You decide where to store your photos

Select where you'd like to store your photos. You can choose Dropbox, personal Amazon S3 bucket or your hard drive.

2) Use our tools to scour your photo accounts (optional)

You've already uploaded photos to Flickr, Picasa or Facebook. Let us go find them and store them into a central spot. Requires some technical know how but we're working on making it easy for everyone.

3) Relax, organize and enjoy your photos

Take a sigh of relief knowing that all of your photos are in one place, always backed up and available on your laptop and in your pocket.

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The OpenPhoto Story

The inception of OpenPhoto was a desire to liberate our photos and take back control. Like you, our photos are the most valuable digital files we have. Also like you, we've used Flickr, Picasa and Smugmug and wound up with our photos scattered across numerous sites on the web.

We knew there had to be a better way to take, share and archive photos while retaining ownership. It didn't seem like anyone else was going to build it so we took it upon ourselves to solve this problem for everyone. The project has been open source on Github since the first line of code was written because like your photos, OpenPhoto doesn't belong to us.

The OpenPhoto Project was launched on Kickstarter and quickly reached its funding goal. More important than the funding was when we realized there were thousands of people waiting for the same solution we were.

We quickly got to work and launched the first version of OpenPhoto just 3 months after development. Since then the community of contributors has grown and we've been releasing features on a weekly basis. It's been an exceptional experience to talk to members of the community and we've made some great friends who share the same passion of photo liberation as we do.

Free and open source

Even if you're not an open source junkie it's important to understand why being free and open source is so important. It means anyone can use the software any way they like. Much of the greatest software available today is open source or based off open source software.

Open sourcing OpenPhoto means that the community is in control of their own destination. Sub communities can even embark on a new path to a different destination. Imagine a professional photographer taking OpenPhoto and catering it to the needs of their colleague. Or a group of mothers using OpenPhoto to tell the stories of their children as they grow up.

We don't know where OpenPhoto will head but we're excited that you'll be making the calls.