Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people have about The OpenPhoto Project. If you have one that's not on this list send us a message via Twitter or email.

What is OpenPhoto?

OpenPhoto is a photo hosting service that puts you in control. It lets you import, archive, and organize your photos on OpenPhoto's servers or your personal cloud accounts such as Dropbox or Amazon S3. Your choice.

It's the photo service you never knew you wanted until it existed.

What makes OpenPhoto different than Flickr/Smugmug/Instagram/any other photo site?

Normally you pay one company to store your photos and to provide services to share them. This means that you can't do much if they raise their prices or shut down their site. If you decide you don't like their site anymore, the process of leaving and setting up somewhere new can be long and frustrating if you care about keeping your photos.

With OpenPhoto you can switch between services, use more than one at a time, or stop using the service without losing a single photo.

Account Management

How do I create an account?

Visit and click the Sign Up button. Select a username for your OpenPhoto site along with a password.

How do I log in?

You can do this in two ways: through the main site or through your own site. Click Sign In, and then enter your email address and password.

How can I retrieve a lost password?

Go to the Sign In page and click "Forgot Password" next to the password entry field. Enter the email address you signed up with and click Submit. You'll receive a link where you can reset your password.

Can I change the email I signed up with?

Not at this time, no. We're working on it.

Can I change my password?

Yes. When you sign in, click "Forgot password?" and enter your email address. You'll get a link to reset your password as if you had forgotten it.

How do I delete my account?

We're sad to see you go. Right now account deletion is manual, so email and we'll delete your account for you. Before you delete your account, make sure to migrate your photos to an external account that you control. You can do that at

Photo Storage

Where can I store my photos?

Right now OpenPhoto supports Amazon S3,, Dropbox,, and DreamHost DreamObjects.

How do I switch where my photos are stored?

Visit while logged in, select where you'd like your photos to go, and follow the instructions.

How can I import my photos?

You can import your photos through the Upload photos page when you're logged into OpenPhoto. At the bottom of the Upload photos page are links to import photos from Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram. Select the site(s) you'd like to import from and follow the instructions.

Can I keep uploading to another photo site and have that photo automatically show up in OpenPhoto?

Not directly through OpenPhoto, but you can use sites like ifttt or that will automatically upload a picture to OpenPhoto when you upload a picture somewhere else (or vice versa).

Photo Management

How do I upload a photo?

Go to your OpenPhoto site (it'll look like and click Upload. Click Add Photos and add the photos you'd like to upload. You can also add attributes that'll apply to all the photos uploaded in that batch, such as a tag, an album, a privacy setting, or a license.

How do I delete a photo?

Visit Photos under the Manage dropdown menu at your OpenPhoto site while logged in. From there, hover over the photo(s) you want to delete and click the checkmark that appears. Click Batch Edit and select Delete.

What are albums? How do they work?

An album is a collection of photos grouped around a theme of your choice. This lets you share many photos with friends or browse your own photos more easily. Albums can be public or private on your albums page.

How do I create an album?

While you're logged into your OpenPhoto site, visit Albums under the Manage menu. Enter the name of your album under the Create Album section and click Create.

How do I add a photo to an album?

You can add a photo to an album by editing an individual photo's details or batch editing photos.

How do I edit a photo's details?

Visit the photo's page and click "Edit Details". Then you can edit the title, description, tags, location, albums, groups, privacy, and license.

How do I edit multiple photos at once?

Visit Photos under the Manage dropdown menu at your OpenPhoto site while logged in. From there, hover over the photo(s) you want to edit and click the checkmark that appears. Click Batch Edit and select the detail you want to edit, change the detail, and click Submit.

What are groups? How do they work?

Groups let you share a photo with certain people without exposing the photo to the entire Web. Want to share photos from that party last week but don't want just anyone seeing them? Add the photos to a private group that only your friends have access to.

How do I add a friend to a group?

Visit Groups under the Manage menu and create a name for a group. From there you can add your friends by email address. They can log in with Mozilla Persona or Facebook to view the photos.

How do I add a photo to a group?

When you upload a photo, you can select a group for the photo to be part of. This is completely optional. You can also change the group(s) a photo is part of at the Manage Photos menu.

The OpenPhoto Mobile Apps

What phones are supported?

OpenPhoto has mobile apps for iPhone and Android. You can download them in the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

What can I do with the OpenPhoto mobile apps?

  • Create an OpenPhoto account
  • Upload photos to your OpenPhoto site
  • Add titles, descriptions, privacy settings, and tags
  • Share photos via email, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Add filters to your photos (iOS)

The Project

Who works on OpenPhoto?

Lots of people. Check out our Team page for the core team.

How can I help make OpenPhoto better?

Lots of ways! To name a few: * Using OpenPhoto * Buying a Pro account * Telling your friends about us * Suggesting new features * Reporting bugs when you see them * Building and fixing new things in the software

How can I contribute to OpenPhoto itself?

OpenPhoto was built by lots of people just like you, most of them volunteers. We're always looking for more people to help make OpenPhoto better, especially in the following areas: * Development * Mobile development (iOS, Android) * Design * Documentation * Community Management

Check out our longer guide to contributing, along with our separate guide for the web parts of the project. Even if your skills aren't listed here, get in touch or make something cool. A great place to get started is on our Github page. Our main repository is frontend, which contains the main code that runs OpenPhoto. If you're interested in mobile development, check out the mobile-ios or mobile-android repositories.

Where can I talk to the OpenPhoto team?

We have a Google group for project discussion, and we have an IRC channel at #openphoto on Freenode.

Contact Us

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My question isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

Several ways: * Email * Tweet at @openphoto * Chat with us at #openphoto on Freenode